Meaning of Dreaming with Divination

Dream divination meaning: Being a fortune teller, during sleep, is usually a representation of how the dreamer himself thinks that those around him see him.

Dream divination by goals or oneiromancy is the artwork of predicting the longer term by our goals . Nightmares have by no means been used for this type of divination, as custom dictated that these unhealthy goals have been attributable to demons

To dream that you are a fortune teller of any kind and during your dream make correct predictions is generally a sign of high regard on the part of those around you and, especially, superiors.

To dream that you are a fortune teller but that the given predictions are not fulfilled is usually a warning from the subconscious regarding deceptive attitudes on the part of the dreamer that should be corrected.

To dream that the future is guessed or that someone does it for us, indicates concern about some matter in which one must be very careful when consenting to its realization.

If the one who dreams that she is guessing or that her future is being guessed is a young woman, it is often a sign of choice between two suitors, it denotes her concern about their financial and social status. If in the dream she is engaged to a fortune teller, it is a symbol that her low self-confidence can make her choose the least financially advantageous suitor.

If in the dream we consult a gypsy, it will be necessary to be careful of our enemies or people who want to cause harm, since they are waiting for the right moment to make their move.

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