Meaning of Dreaming with Elderly

Dreaming of old people, without being it, can indicate that you live in an inappropriate and uncomfortable environment in which work or obligations are necessarily carried out.

Dreaming elderly indicates a girl’s candor and innocence .

To dream that you are old when you are young means respect and consideration.

If an old man is seen during the dream, we should accept and abide by the advice they can give us.

The elderly traditionally represent the wisdom given by age and experience, the past, the knowledge that has remained strong over time. They effectively symbolize learned social norms. On the spiritual plane, they have earned the symbolic right to guide others.

Elderly people in dreams can symbolize old or obsolete values ​​and uses, as well as those that must be protected.

For a woman who dreams of elderly elderly people it can suggest a more matriarchal aspect, on the other hand, if it is a man who dreams them, the figure is usually more paternalistic, of course, everything will depend on whether the gender of the characters in the dream It’s recognized.

Dreaming of elderly people, in some cases, announces burdens and worries, unless the people of the dream appear calm and wise . If the dream gives us pleasant sensations, it is generally a sign that we have to seek serenity and calm before rushing, attending to past experiences. On the contrary, if the experience is not very comforting, it usually indicates that we are too anchored in the past, limiting our prospects for personal advancement.

Dreaming of making fun of older people is usually evidence of false security, in addition to hidden fears, and more specifically, it reflects the fear of aging.

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