Meaning of dreaming with estrangement

Dreaming away from your own home, work , or affections, affairs or businesses; In short, from what interests him the most, he suggests that he will soon have to make a long trip , probably abroad , in which he will have bad results.

To dream that family members or very dear friends are far away reveals nostalgia in the dreamer for something that has been lost or is suspected of being lost, for example, health or some object of property .

Dreaming looking into the distance and seeing men working indicates successes in the distant future after working hard.

Dreaming of women greeting from afar indicates that in the future you will establish new and important social relationships, although not all of them very favorable.

It indicates a change in life, the interpretation of this dream will depend on what we contemplate in the distance, if it is good or bad, and the feeling it generates in us.

If in the dream we manage to see a church in the distance and we approach it, it is a sign of disappointments and sadness in our life.

When in the dream we use some kind of object to contemplate something distant, such as binoculars, it will indicate that in real life some close people are hiding something from us that we should know.

If the remoteness that is present in the dream is related to how distant our partner or lover is , it indicates that it is necessary to evaluate our situation and if necessary to seek new adventures or relationships.

To dream that in the distance we see an observatory suggests that we are being victims of labor espionage or public derision without knowing it.

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