Meaning of dreaming with glasses

Dreaming of glasses , goggles, magnifying glasses , cufflinks , lenses or glasses, as long as these are not related to the dreamer himself, they symbolize discoveries, secrets , investigations, revelations, there could be something that must be examined more clearly or treated more carefully. It is time to take everything with a grain of salt before venturing out or making any decisions .

Dreaming of wearing glasses or contact lenses when in real life you do not use them indicates difficulties in the environment in which you operate or antipathy towards people who call themselves friends, but who are only hypocrites.

Young woman who dreams of her suitor wearing glasses without needing them hints that there will soon be difficulties and even relationship breakdown because she suspects insincerity of her lover.

Depending on how the glasses appear in the dream, this is how they are looking at or judging everyday matters, whether they are their own or someone else’s; For example, if they appear broken, it suggests that the issues should be carefully reviewed; if they are lost, it implies that the problems they face are not understood, etc.

Dreaming that you see yourself through crystal clear lenses is usually an indication of revelation, insight and clear perspective, on the contrary, if the glasses appear dirty, opaque or broken, it usually indicates misconceptions and confusion .

Dreaming of glasses or glasses can be a suggestion from our subconscious to see things from different perspectives

The glasses also usually represent the need to see things from the outside in a certain situation.

Dreaming of protective or work glasses usually indicates a need to protect ourselves from something in our daily life.

Dreaming of another person wearing protective glasses usually indicates that that person is hiding something and therefore we should not trust them.

A lens symbolizes concentration and clarity in our vision of the future.

When a lens appears in a dream we need to determine whether it is the magnification of the object that is observed through the lens, or it is an intensification. Enlargement suggests that we take a broader point of view, intensification requires that we pay attention to details. Interpretation of the dream can only be done in light of other circumstances and details in the dream. Usually in this type of dream it is the context that is important. As in everyday life, a lens helps to focus attention, so in dreams it can signify our need to perceive something very clearly.

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