Meaning of Dreaming with Harpoon

We are going to review of the  Meaning of Dreaming with Harpoon. M

Meaning of Dreaming with Harpoon:

Dreaming of attacking a marine animal or being injured by a harpoon indicates that it is possible to find yourself facing a rather complex situation, which must be solved promptly, otherwise even more complicated situations will be generated around the life of the dreamer.

If in the dream we see ourselves attacking an animal that is not aggressive with a harpoon, such as a dolphin or a whale , it indicates that sometimes we are unable to accept our mistakes and failure , while if we attack a shark indicates that we are on the lookout for some situations that may cause us inconvenience. This dream also tells us about being overprotective with some people in our life.


If you dreamed that you were hurt with a harpoon, then this dream predicts the publicity of your love affairs.

Chasing a fish with a harpoon in a dream is a frivolous hobby, flirting. A girl who sees such a dream may decide to leave her husband for her lover.

If you saw a harpoon in a dream, it means that you have become a target of increased interest of a member.

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