Meaning of Dreaming with Illiterate

Dreaming that you are an illiterate person is usually a sign of intense anxiety, especially regarding expressing feelings or truths.

To dream that you are illiterate when in reality you are not in your daily life, traditionally heralds the arrival of a period of uncertainty, it is not the best time to vehemently stick to our opinions, it is time to consult and acquire certainties, otherwise we will be easily misunderstood, misunderstood, and possibly belittled.

To dream that someone else is illiterate can be an indication that there is someone in daily life who is not being treated fairly.

Try, in dreams, to read a book , newspaper , magazine, etc. And not getting it because you can’t read, bodes that a company will fail.

To dream that you are trying to read some inscription, sign or poster , but that, although it is clearly seen in the dream, we cannot understand, indicates that greater knowledge or more information is required to complete a task .

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