Meaning of Dreaming with Lark

Dreaming of larks in general is a good symbol that can indicate a rapid ascent.

If during the dream the lark descends or something happens to it, the meaning is usually the opposite and heralds the end of our hopes.

In general, larks in dreams bring us pleasant news and generally portend social, emotional or economic successes. Larks often represent a desire to be beyond earthly and worldly things.

If, in the dream, we try to capture it to cage or eat it, it is a sign of a possible break with the partner, hostile behavior towards the dreamer, setbacks and disappointments.

Seeing a lark perched on the ground in dreams is usually a call to caution and sometimes heralds abrupt changes at work .

Traditionally the song of the larks is a harbinger of good luck .

Hearing larks singing while watching them fly is a harbinger of upcoming happiness especially when it comes to a change of address and predicts profits in business .

A dead or injured lark is a symbol of sadness , desolation or death .

To dream that a lark is killed is a symbol of the total and final loss of innocence .

To dream that larks fly around us in a gentle and peaceful way is a sign that fortune is smiling on us.

For a person from the country, seeing larks eating is a harbinger of good harvests.

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