Meaning of dreaming with machine gun

The weapons are generally symbols of aggression, defense or protection, whether these be used against, or the dreamer. Weapons in dreams can also represent internal conflicts and struggles.

To dream that a weapon is used against another person is usually a sign of a conflict or confusion that has not been resolved or expressed, once the obvious meaning of feelings of violence has been discarded .

The interpretation of how a weapon is used will depend on all the circumstances presented in the dream. It is possible that this weapon is being used to protect those things that we consider important, it is also possible that a weapon is seen as a symbol of power, especially in cultures where there is a certain degree of criminality where the meaning is usually arrogance.

When the dreamer is under pressure in daily life, weapons can signify a particularly aggressive action and the result of that aggression is obviously also a symbol of the sexual act and its results.

For a woman who is shooting a gun in a dream it is a sign that she is aware of the aggressive masculine side of her personality, if someone shoots her in the dream it is usually an indication that she feels threatened by signs of aggression or sexuality. For a man this same dream can suggest conflict, in many cases, territorial.

To dream that a machine gun or sub machine gun is used traditionally has been a sign that we must respond safely and quickly to possible situations that arise in life, however, this response should not be so aggressive that it turns against us. time to interact with other people. If during sleep the sub machine gun jams or loses control of it, traditionally it means that despite all our efforts things will not go as desired or as planned.

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