Meaning of Dreaming with Pin

Dreaming of pins implies that there are and will continue to be for some time annoyances, frictions, quarrels; in short, problems of all kinds, even family and sentimental but nothing transcendent.

When a woman dreams of pins, it is a warning that her behavior is not correct with her boyfriend or lover or husband .

Dreaming of swallowing a pin is the announcement of an accident .

Dreaming of looking for a lost pin suggests that by carelessness you will lose something of little value, but important to the dreamer.

Dreaming of rusty pins hints that important and probably dangerous matters are being neglected or abandoned.

To dream that someone sticks a pin in your body indicates that you will suffer slander and irritating intrigues without being able to avoid it.

The needles , pins and safety pins, in general, symbolize the small sorrows or anguish that each one of us encounters along the path of our lives.

Usually, the pins in dreams tend to predict difficulties and sorrows, without major consequences.

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