Meaning of dreaming with poplars

Whoever dreams that he plants poplars will experience a rapid, but temporary , rise in his position; to strip them of their bark is a sign of improvement of fortune . To dream that a poplar is cut, can indicate immediate ruin .

To dream that we are in a forest of poplars, as long as the emotions are positive, indicates that there will be pleasant moments both at work and family, however, these joys will be ephemeral.

If we are lost in a forest of poplars, and the feelings are of anxiety or worry, it is an indication that we do not feel satisfied with our current situation. We may not have complete control over our lives and this prevents us from being in complete harmony with the environment around us. If it is night it means that we do not find the solution to our problems not due to lack of opportunities, but rather due to negligence and lack of will.

One of the most important aspects to take into account when interpreting dreams where we are surrounded by poplars, is the state of its leaves , since being dark green on the upper side and white on the underside, they symbolize the balance between the positive and negative aspects of our personality.

If the predominant color of the leaves in the dream were the light color, it indicates that we feel comfortable with our behavior, while if the dark color is the one that stands out, it implies that it is necessary to evaluate our attitude, both professionally and emotionally.

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