Meaning of Dreaming with Poppy

Poppies in dreams generally represent a time of seductive pleasures and seemingly great business , however, all without firm foundations.

To dream that one is in a poppy field can be a harbinger of tranquility after facing a hard road and various obstacles in life.

Inhaling the fragrance of a poppy in dreams usually indicates that you will be the victim of deception and false flattery.

The flowers , in general and including flower poppy are natural symbols of beauty , delicacy, safety and attractiveness. Flowers are also symbols of the inner self, both in the Yoga of the South Asian and Western esoteric tradition flowers represent physical centers known as chakras (wheels).

The relationship between poppies and dreams dates back to ancient times . The Greek god of sleep was claimed to live with his children in a cave surrounded by poppies. Hypnos (Somnus in Latin) lends its name to the scientific name for the poppy (papaverum somniferum). Morpheus was one of the dream deities and one of the sons of Hypnos, morphine, a strong painkiller whose name derives from Morpheus, is extracted from the poppy.

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