Meaning of dreaming with scorpion

Dreaming of scorpions (scorpions) implies that around the dreamer there are one or more people interested in causing problems and losses, either of material values ​​or of prestige.

If in the dream they are killed, it indicates triumph over the enemies .

If the scorpions cannot be killed, there are several risks that you will have to fight.

If you only see them without cause for concern, because they do not attack you or the dreamer fights them , it implies that there are latent enmities that are moved by envy or by some other always selfish cause, an attitude against which you must remain alert.

Dreaming surrounded by scorpions is a warning of adversaries and for the moment passive, that is, they will not attack head-on or violently, but with hypocrisy , feigning friendship and waiting for the opportunity to attack.

The number of scorpions in the dream hints at the number of opponents, or at least those who are most noticeable.

Dreaming of being attacked by a scorpion is a warning of a close and dangerous enemy against which you must be very careful.

Dreaming of killing a scorpion that attacked it before is a good symbol, as it indicates that the dreamer will easily get rid of the problems he is going through.

To dream repeatedly, on different nights , the presence of scorpions, usually indicates that the dreamer’s shyness produces many limitations that prevent him from advancing in what he wants to achieve, because with shyness it is not possible to solve problems and scorpions represent serious problems.

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