Meaning of Dreaming with Speaker

A loudspeaker that resonates in a tormenting way in dreams is usually a reflection of one’s own frustration at the fact or the feeling that one’s ideas are being drowned out by others.

Hearing in a dream that something is announced through a loudspeaker or megaphone already leads to understanding what is being announced, it is usually an indication of news and eventual challenges will arise which will require quick and sensible action.

To dream that a beautiful melody is heard through a loudspeaker usually heralds tranquility at home and some financial stability.

To dream that a speaker is turned off or that the volume is lowered is usually a sign that you are ready to be assertive and take control.

In general, loudspeakers are often the mind’s way of trying to get our attention, especially about matters or things that we have forgotten or actions that we should have already performed but have been delaying.

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