Meaning of Dreaming with Stinger

The stingers in animals are usually defensive weapons , so their appearance in dreams is usually a sign of complex situations and possible discussions that will affect our emotional stability.

To make a more adequate interpretation of this dream, it will be necessary to establish which animal the stinger belongs to.

The bees , once used the sting to nail him die by leaving him part of your system digestive , therefore its symbolism in dreams indicate that sometimes are too drastic when making changes in our lives or solve problems present us.

Dreaming of wasp stingers suggests that we are constantly being carried away by impulses. It is necessary to control our temperament better, because sometimes our way of reacting under pressure is too severe for other people.

Dreams where we are wounded by the sting of a scorpion (scorpion) indicate that we have a close enemy from which we must take care. It is possible that someone friendly display with us in order to harm us .

To dream that we are stung by another insect is a sign that we will be victims of some revenge , but they will not have major consequences in our affairs.

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