Meaning of dreaming with torch

Dreaming of burning torches bodes well for everything, especially if the dreamer is a young person. If the dreamer carries a lighted torch, it means that he will be lucky in his love affairs and in his undertakings, that he will triumph over his enemies and that, in general, life will go well for him. On the other hand, seeing the torch lit in the hands of others means that others will discover the wrong that has been done, and that the corresponding punishment will be suffered , no matter how much one tries to avoid it. If the torch is off it indicates otherwise.

Torches in dreams can symbolize the need for some kind of spiritual guide.

As a source of light , torches, beacons, chandeliers and beacons often assume the symbolism of lighting the way to spiritual enlightenment and refuge for the spirit .

Dreaming of a torch often indicates that we can have the confidence of knowing that because of our knowledge we can see the way forward. A reflector that illuminates a road for example, like the headlights of a car, can symbolize the ideas we need.

In dreams, a torch can represent self-confidence. It can also suggest the need to be able to move forward, but at the same time carry our own light.

Open flame torches will have the same symbolism as fire , while a battery-operated flashlight represents more contained and focused energy.

If, during sleep, a flashlight, searchlight or torch is pointed directly at us, we should consider whether our actions and behavior are appropriate.

Often the anger we feel in everyday life is symbolized in dreams, for example, by a burning torch or torch.

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