Meaning of Dreaming with Wormwood

In dreams, herbs, including absinthe, symbolize either a medicinal power or, in the opposite way, a poison , making it impossible to generalize since it is the way in which the dreamer’s own subconscious interprets them and the past relationship they have had with the dreamer. A specific plant , in the specific case of Wormwood, for some it may represent a powerful medicinal plant, which for others could be a hallucinogen, a property that is attributed to alcoholic beverages prepared with Wormwood.

In general, in dreams, plants represent a need to re-establish contact with oneself. If these are beautiful and rosy, it is usually an invitation not to lose hope of an important change. On the contrary, if withered or dried herbs appear in the dream, it is usually a symbol of feelings of defeat and resignation .

Regarding the alcoholic drink prepared with this herb, whoever dreams of taking absinthe will have a moral or physical pain of short duration, if it is the dreamer who buys it it can mean that he will fall ill, if it is the dreamer who sells it it means happy omen.

The meaning of consuming any alcoholic beverage, including absinthe, ultimately depends on the context and specific content of the dream as well as on the dreamer’s own associations with alcohol . Negatively, alcohol represents escapism, attachment, and self-destructive tendencies, a tendency to immediate pleasures. More positively, alcohol can indicate socialization, friendship, or abandonment of inhibitions.

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