Meaning of Dreaming with Yellow

In dreams, colored yellow symbolizes intuition and emotional being, intelligence, thought and mental clarity, often associated with the light of the sun that lightens and brightens. Dreaming of this color, always depending on other symbols and even colors in the dream, is usually an omen of pleasure, tranquility and success in the companies that arise.

Yellow represents energy, vigor and enthusiasm, although in its negative part it also indicates cowardice. Yellow in dreams can indicate a physical need for energy, especially muscular energy, it is usually also an indicator of the need to attract attention to yourself or promote yourself.

In general, pale yellow tones are a symbol of well-being, while dark tones can indicate cowardice or betrayal , all this depending on the context and other symbols in the dream.

Yellow is also credited with being a color that helps combat anxiety and awakens creative talent, despite the fact that this color is often despised and even considered unlucky by some actors and artists .

According to the gypsy tradition, yellow indicates a nature of the solar type that has the ability to discern what is best in each individual, each situation or each thing.

Seeing or wearing yellow garments in dreams is usually a forecast of imminent joys and financial progress.

Dreaming of yellow cloths or fabrics is an omen of good luck.

Dreaming dressed in clothes in shades of yellow usually heralds future happiness that will come from an unforeseen event.

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