What does it mean to dream of messaging?

Seeing yourself sending or receiving text messages is a symbol of communication. In reality, it is the internal desires of oneself that want to hear or talk about someone very important in their life. It is another indication that you want to connect with someone desirable in your life. message dream meaning

Sometimes you may dream that you are not able to connect properly, there may be obstacles like the phone is broken or there is no signal or you have sent the message to a wrong number or you cannot dial the number correctly, all these could be reasons that you might be facing in your waking life while communicating with someone.

There is also a common notion that dreaming about texting could be because you are using your mobile devices too much. Whatever the reason why you dream about a text message, it surely means that you need to connect with that particular person in your life that you are not in contact with at all. message dream meaning

These people could be the ones you loved or want to love, your siblings, your parents, or your friends. You just have to think hard and find the answers.

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In your dream you can havemessage dream meaning

  • I tried to get your message across to someone.
  • Those people may not be physically close, but you think about them a lot.
  • You sent an endless text message with all your emotions without getting a response or expecting a response.
  • You sent a message but weren’t sure if you received it or not.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You know who you are trying to find and connect with in your real life. message dream meaning
  • All the emotions you were trying to convey to someone have arrived. It means that everything you have ever wanted is absolute, that the clouds of your doubts have cleared and you know what you have to do.
  • People you haven’t talked to connect with you after a few days. This could be reconciliation or a big reunion with long-lost loved ones. message dream meaning

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Detailed interpretation of dream message dream meaning

Texting another person in the dream signifies your desire to communicate. It is a sign that you are trying to get your message across to someone. You should notice the emotion that comes with it. If you are frustrated that your message is not going through, you may not be able to communicate with that particular person in real life. Sometimes people see their text message box full of messages, this could be the sign of their active communication with others in waking life. Sometimes you can ignore the messages, which means that you are not enjoying the little details of your life that could be the very essence of your happiness. You may also dream that you are sending and receiving test messages in quick succession, this may mean that you are well connected to your network in society and have a very friendly nature. This can also mean that you might have a romantic inclination towards someone. message dream meaning

Feelings You May Have Encountered During a Texting Dream

Frustration, discouragement, disappointment, anxiety, excitement, happiness. message dream meaning

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