20 Most Common Dreams

The 20 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings is an overview of dreams that are common. Every dream we have is important as it is a pathway of our subconscious mind and below we have an overview of the 20 most common dreams. most common dreams and their meanings

1. Get wet most common dreams and their meanings

The old proverb that says that “if you get wet in the dream, you will also get wet in real life”. Yes, in some, well many cases this is true, especially when going to bed after consuming an intolerable amount of fluid. If you talk to people in your group of friends, it is likely that at least one of them has experienced this warm but not welcoming feeling. Experiencing this may be your body telling you that you should have gone to the bathroom before bed, and now you are facing grief for your mistakes, but in many cases, there are links to your psyche in real life as well.

Peeing in the dream may suggest that you have experienced a build-up of emotions or stress, and whether or not your situation has dissolved, you now feel liberated or separated from it. On the other hand, you could be trying to make your mark on society, and begin to discover self-expression. This is generally tied to feelings of control and containment from your childhood, which you now feel free of.

2. Trying to run, but going nowhere

Having a dream in which you try to run as fast as you can, but in reality you move at a snail’s pace, is possibly one of the most frustrating experiences ever. It feels a lot like running underwater. The key to resolving this frustration is to stop running if you are able to. This dream implies that you are running away from an irrational fear, and in conquering any fear, you need to face it head-on. You are running slowly because you are allowing fear to catch up and consume you, whereas if you face it, there is more chance of resolution.

There is another explanation for why you might be running so slowly. A psychologist, Daniel Erlacher has conducted experiments with lucid dreamers, in order to detect how quickly they can perform tasks while in their unconscious state. The result was that tasks are completed at a rate of around 50% slower than when you are dreaming, concluding that your dreams are indeed presented in slow motion.

3. Couple cheating

So after a very restless sleep, you have opened your eyes to look at your romantic partner dozing peacefully beside you, all the while aware of the monstrosities they have committed, and now you start plotting your revenge ploy? I’ve been through that before, my friend. Whether you decide to see this as proof of his infidelity; or maybe just a shout out at your insecurities, there are a few things you should consider first. Dreaming of a cheating partner can mean that you don’t feel good about yourself right now. Everyone is insecure in one way or another, just don’t let those insecurities get so bad that you start to believe your partner sees you differently because of it without any valid justification, you’ll just be putting yourself down. .

Yes, this could be your brain thinking suspiciously because you’ve noticed things in real life, but if you really want to know the answer, then talk to them. You could feel that they will leave you, or that they are not happy with things in the relationship. Use this warning sign as an opportunity to work through your problems, rather than get consumed by insecurities and inevitably push your loved one away.

4. Get lost most common dreams and their meanings

Busy quietly dreaming of rainbows and unicorns, and then suddenly realize you’re all alone in a place you’ve never seen before? It takes you back to childhood days where you would innocently go shopping with your parents, only to turn around and have them walk away! Mom? Unfortunately, those days are not behind us. People often experience being lost in a dream when they feel like they don’t fit in properly. These feelings lead to anxiety, which is why pleasant dreams are interrupted by negative ones. most common dreams and their meanings

Dreams about being lost regularly occur when you are pushed into a new environment in your real life, and you are trying to find your way through it without feeling insecure. Often, if things are not explained to you properly, or if you are not prepared for a future task, you really feel lost. The best thing you can do is find confidence in yourself, and realize where you have the talent and potential, and then use that to your advantage. Like the kid in the supermarket, there are only so many places your parents could be, and there are only so many ways to get to them. Whether making an announcement about the tantrum; or asking a passerby for help, choose your path and stay on it.

5. Being in a closed room

Uh-oh, not this again. The agonizing feeling of the walls closing in, but where is my escape hatch? Your escape hatch is getting mentally tough in real life. Frantic thoughts have the potential to completely overwhelm us. In our real lives, we still have the ability to see the big picture and outside the box that constrains us, but when we dream, this becomes our reality and feels very present, as if this is the only world we live in. .

Dreams like this represent how we manage in our lives in general. When the walls begin to close in, we feel as if the ability to cope with more is gone, and instead we frantically and irrationally search for a way out. In a way, this is similar to being lost in your dream, because resolution will come when you find direction. Other things that will help improve the mind, is exercise and maintenance of physical health; write in a journal at the end of each day, and talk to people.

6. Dirty hands

Sticky hands? Rolling in the mud? Will all the great oceans of Neptune wash away this blood most common dreams and their meanings

Clean from my hand? In reality, having dirty, sticky and grimy hands is just a simple annoyance, but in your dream world this could mean some positive changes for you. First consider the properties of the dirt that covers your hands, is it mud, dust, or even blood? If your hands are covered in mud, it could mean that something is weighing you down, usually relevant to your romantic relationship. If your hands are covered in blood, it denotes that you have a large accumulation of anger towards something or someone. Lucky for you, dirty hands mean positive change after a while of struggling. So, if your hands are currently smeared with mud, it usually means that you can work really hard and push through your struggle, and positive change should come from it.

7. Moldy food

Have you ever come back from a vacation and thought about how nice it would be to eat a piece of toast before going to bed because of jet lag, only to discover that there is an alien shaped like a muffin in the bread box? *psychological theme music*. I’m sorry, but whether you’re dreaming or awake, it’s not good news.

Dreaming of moldy food is closely related to illnesses, possibly your own, and possibly others around you. If you’ve spent time in a hospital or around someone you know has an illness, this could be an obvious reason mold has found its way into your unconscious state. Unfortunately, it could also show up because you’re not taking good care of your body, and this is a warning sign that you need to make some changes. Lastly, your mind has the ability to pick up things in your subconscious about the behavior of other people. most common dreams and their meanings

If you’ve recently talked to someone you know, that person may have been expressing behavior that your active mind hasn’t taken note of, but your subconscious has, and is now implementing their concern into your dream world.

8. Sex

Who, what, where, how, why?

For some people, this topic can seem quite taboo and awkward to bring up in conversation. Therefore, these people are able to come here to the Internet and learn about what it really means to dream about sex. The answer is that sexual dreams are not even related to sex half the time, they are usually related to desires or fantasies about what you idolize and want to become. On the other hand, if you consider yourself to be more sexually expressive than most, then there is a greater chance that it will come up in your dreams, as they are often reflected in our experiences that day. most common dreams and their meanings

Dreaming sexually with someone you know, be it a friend, a teacher, a boss or a relative, denotes that you are boxing your ideas about romance to a specific emotional response. For example, your boss represents authority, and you have less power than them, so you might feel powerless over the person you’ve invested your emotions in. On the other hand, dreaming sexually about someone you despise could mean that you are not interested in feeling romantic with anyone.

9. Driving a vehicle out of control

It doesn’t matter how or why you got into that car, but the fact is you’re in it, the brakes don’t work, the ground is slippery, the steering wheel is broken, and there’s a cliff edge ahead… Lucky for you, this is just a dream. Chaotic experiences while dreaming can be exciting or scary, but most of the time they mean chaos in your real life.

If you were driving drunk, this could mean that you are running from something, and the chaos is your brain struggling to forget it. most common dreams and their meanings

If someone else is behind the wheel, it is usually a person who has made you uncomfortable at a certain point, and for whatever reason it reminds you of the chaos you are experiencing in your real life. If there is no one behind the wheel, it means that you don’t feel like you can get help from anyone, as there is no one to trust. This may be true to some degree, but there are always people waiting to help, and there is always helpful advice if you look for it in the right places.

10. Pregnancy

Is it a new bump or was it always there? You may be worried, you may be excited, but it’s over and there’s nothing you can do about it. Dreaming of being pregnant, especially if you are a man, can be a bit of a strange experience. I’m sure the most common question on a woman’s lips after a dream like this will be, “Does this mean I’m pregnant?” Now, before running to buy a test, first understand what the dream of being pregnant represents.

Towards the end of pregnancy, the main word thrown around is “expectation.” If you’re “waiting” for something to come soon in real life, this could be a reason your brain is incorporating the pregnancy into your dream. On the other hand, pregnancy is also about nurturing and protecting, and it is also about gaining or letting go of a possession you feel sentimental about.

11. Flying most common dreams and their meanings

It is a bird? It is a plane? Wait a second, is that me? How did I get here? While most dreams represent some form of anxiety, burden, or reference to difficult feelings that you have not yet discovered, dreaming of flying is actually quite positive. Being so high up in the air represents the heights you feel you can reach in your career, relationships, social life, and anything else that lightens your days. You may have already reached this height, or you may currently feel ambitious, and positive enough about yourself to succeed.

When you’re airborne like this, you’ll most likely feel an overwhelming sense of thoughtless awareness sweep through you. This feeling, in particular, will carry over to the morning when you wake up, and you will most likely feel more prepared for the day. In your dreams, you would have been able to see vast amounts of sprawling land, which has relevance to your waking ability to clearly examine the big picture of your life in the present and generally feel more assertive.

12. Show up late most common dreams and their meanings

An absolute nightmare, that horrible feeling of waking up because you think you’re late for something extremely important, and then of course you can’t go back to sleep because you’re too irritated to rest. This mainly happens when an important occasion is approaching that you feel disorganized or unprepared. It happens to many people before job interviews, exams or presentations. Another reason people dream of being late is because of their own lack of self-esteem in their career, which makes them feel unworthy of their position.

If you have to multitask a lot in different aspects of your life, you may also be more likely to dream of being late. Often, if we have a divided focus on many things like our career, relationships, children, parents, social life, personal projects, and anything else, we are overwhelmed by the anxiety of failing, and therefore we need to stay active and work. . This maliciously tricks us into thinking we are late when in fact we have plenty of time.

13. Hearing Sounds most common dreams and their meanings

You may not have noticed, but our dreams consist of many different visual images sprinkled around our periphery. In the world of dreams, our mind will never make us hear real sounds. You may think you were having a conversation with someone, and even understand what that conversation was about, but you would never have heard them speak.

Something most people would remember experiencing is Involuntary Sound Spillage (ISD), which is when noises from the outside world find a way to enter your dreams. The SSI can be heard in all kinds of dreams, and can often be crossed to appear as something other than what the outside sound actually is. A common form of ISS is when there is music playing in the outside world and you are dreaming of being at a party.

14. Being chased

This isn’t just an innocent playground kissing game anymore, it’s a do-or-die situation. Worst of all is when your legs seem to go weak, and you’re running but going nowhere, and there’s a sinner with negative intent at your heels. It seems pretty self-explanatory: many experience this dream when they themselves are emotionally running away from something in real life. But often people have trouble figuring out what it is they’re really trying to escape from. most common dreams and their meanings

As already mentioned, dreams consist of more than just the action that is taking place. If you were dreaming of being chased, who were you being chased by? What was the location of the chase? Was the pursuer holding a gun? If this were a puzzle, these little items are actually clues, helping you understand more about your psyche. Isolate each of the items you have noticed, write down your feelings and the connection to them individually, and you will begin to understand what you are running away from emotionally.

15. Meeting a celebrity in a dream

In your waking life, touching an untouchable seems like a myth, or only for those chosen few who are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. For the rest of us unlucky, the alternative is to settle for meeting our idols during bedtime. In this dream you may have met them on the street, gone for coffee, gone on a date, or even slept with them!

Generally, dreaming of a celebrity denotes that you are insecure or dissatisfied with yourself. Celebrity is a mark of someone you idolize, and the qualities they possess you wish you had yourself. If you have dreamed of Donald Trump or Carol Vorderman, two people who are associated with intelligence, you may feel insecure about yourself; if you have dreamed of Ariana Grande or Channing Tatum, you may feel self-conscious about your appearance.

16. Dying

There is a myth, similar to bedwetting, that if you die in your sleep you will also die in real life. This is not true, so if you have ever had a dream about death, please spread the word to spread the propaganda. Death means the end of something, and therefore if you are reaching the end of your career, relationship, school, project or travel, this may be why you are dreaming this.

Many of the population have acute anxiety based on the concept of death, or to be more exact, the fear of the unknown that comes after death. If you are a person with this acute anxiety, and you also experience the death of another in real life (even if the person who dies is a character in a movie), then this could be another reason why you see yourself dying. Dreams are a reflection of the events of the day, linked to the personal emotions that are currently being experienced, and therefore are sometimes overly dramatized and cause more concern than is really needed. most common dreams and their meanings

17. Take an exam

Why did I go over Elizabeth I when the exam is about Richard II? She was wrong, wrong gender, different hair styles, plus I’m doing a graphic design degree! Exams are the symbol of anxiety, they encapsulate stress, restlessness and sudden nervous breakdowns. The reason why you dream of taking an exam is usually linked to your suddenly arising anxieties in real life.

Often this dream occurs when you have to examine yourself, or when others examine you. Dreaming of taking an exam appears more if you are going through a moment of confusion, and you find it challenging, but you are also aware that there is a light at the end of it. This can increase anxiety, but it can also make you a better person in the end, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

18. Naked in public most common dreams and their meanings

Sometimes humorous; sometimes strengthening; sometimes mortifying. Calling this display “liberating” is a verb, both in the literal and emotional sense. If you dreamed of being naked in public and were embarrassed about it, then this resembles having nowhere to escape. In your real life, you may be caught in a trap you can’t get out of, and feel the need for an immediate change of course. Acting on this can solve your problems, but be careful not to act too brazenly.

If you were naked in a public place and strutting happily, this denotes that you are in a boarding situation but feel confident that you will handle it easily. This can also mean that you only feel positive about yourself, and while others may be hiding in these circumstances, you feel that you have something that others can look at and admire.

19. Teeth fall out

Imagining that your teeth fall out is not a dream you can forget. People often dream of having no teeth at all, and others dream of their teeth being cracked or chipped. It is even likely that you were grinding your teeth in your sleep. Possibly the most understood and recognized concept in the world of dreams is that falling teeth denotes that you have money problems.

Seemingly unconnected, having money troubles and having your teeth fall out actually has many links, which makes it reasonable for us to connect the two psychologically. Our teeth are valuable to us, and until recently, people decided to sell their teeth to make money. We all experience the loss of our baby teeth, it is a growing experience that occurs at a more vulnerable stage of our lives when we depend on someone else to guide us. When we lose our baby teeth, they are often replaced by money that the tooth fairy gives us, and dreaming about money can be a repetition of wanting the profits of losing our teeth once again.

20. Falling..

If you’ve never heard a person utter harsh words about the horrible jolting sensation that comes from falling in a dream, then you’ve honestly been living under a rock. This is the most common dream experienced by humans, and on average, it will occur about 5 times in your life. The theory behind falling into your dreams is that you are in a period of crisis, and you feel a sense of personal death. This can be related to your career, relationships, health and personal well-being.

Another theory has been developed, which holds that falling asleep may be the result of drinking too much caffeine before bed, having a high intake of sugar during the day, or mental illness and ailments. most common dreams and their meanings

Trying to stay positive when the body is forcing negative energy through you can be difficult, but it can also be detrimental to your mental health. Putting things out of your mind and repressing feelings is known to be unhealthy, so to advance your mental well-being it is suggested that you allow time for sadness, but always invest in activities that influence your positivity to surface.

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