Piranha Dream: Meaning and Interpretation

Dream about being bitten by a piranha

To dream that the piranha bites you, suggests that you are going to suffer certain unfortunate events due to your weakness. Someone in authority wishes you ill. Be careful not to fall on the bad side of your bosses, managers, or important clients. Since they will set traps to bite you when you do not expect it.

Dream that piranhas circle and try to attack

To dream that you are inside an aquarium with piranhas circling around you, indicates that you are worried about the betrayals of the people around you. The dream reflects that you are in a ruthless business environment, where your co-workers or colleagues are constantly trying to take away your business and clients.

Dream of endless piranhas

Seeing yourself in a boat with an endless stream of piranhas in a river, foretells that challenges and complications will eventually overcome you. He will be on a treacherous journey full of problems and issues. Consider jumping in or stopping the effort before problems consume you both internally and externally.

Dream of feeding piranhas

To dream that you are feeding piranhas suggests that you are very good at overcoming adversity. You are mastering your personal hunger and thirst for profit. You are out of blood and you are not afraid to push the limit to fulfill your desires.

Dream about fishing piranhas

To dream that you are baiting or fishing for piranhas, suggests that you need to get real opinions and feedback from your competitors. You must meet your enemies head-on, so you can learn about their weaknesses and shortcomings.

Dream of killing piranhas

Seeing yourself killing piranhas predicts that you will get rid of certain threats in your organization. There are people who are betraying him behind his back. You are in the process of caring for and eliminating these traitors.

Dream of having piranhas as pets

To dream that you have piranhas as pets is a symbol of your rigid character and elusive mind. She is waiting for the perfect moment to be able to take advantage of the situation. Try to be stronger and firmer like a shark and you may have better results with your business and projects.

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