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It is common for us to want to know the meaning of premonitory dreams , in fact anyone who stops to think about it carefully has had a dream of this type at some time in their life. We all love trying to predict the future and, of course, that leads to our dreams always being impregnated with possible situations that could happen in the not too distant future.

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Let’s see what happens before these fantasies,  what it means to dream of premonitory dreams and what the different interpretations of this type of dream can be, since it will not always be the same depending on the situation.

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  • 1 Is it possible to foresee the future through dreams?
    • 1.1 Analysis of premonitory dreams
    • 1.2 History of precognitive dreams
  • 2 Interpretation of dreaming with premonitions
    • 2.1 Dreaming of catastrophes, accidents or tragedies
    • 2.2 Meaning of dreaming of death


Surely when you have had a dream of this type, when you wake up you have wondered if you are dreaming something or is it really a premonition.

In the book, 5005 Dreams , a very clear interpretation of dreams is made. It is a highly recommended read if what you are looking for is to know the meaning of many of your dreams. I advise you to buy it.


The truth is that the meaning of precognitive dreams is difficult to analyze and is something totally impossible to prove and very subjective. Let’s give an example, imagine that you have dreamed that you have a car accident and now let’s see in detail the following two situations:

  1. You had a car accident that same day
  2. You have a car accident 2 years later
  3. They give you a car that same day

Could all three be considered a premonition? Will it be a coincidence? Will it have something to do with it? Would that dream influence the third situation? Well, although it is a cliché to say so, it depends on each person and their specific situation.

Surely most of us would tend to think that if we have the accident the same day it was a premonition, however, if we have it a long time later, surely we won’t even remember the dream. And in the third case, we would have much more respect when it comes to taking that new car for having dreamed of the above in most cases.


There are historical characters who, from different dreams, had visions or premonitions of something that was going to happen and that made them change their way of acting . In fact, it is typical to dream of the death of someone or to see someone suffering and later, by chance, find out that a family member or friend of another person has died.

For example, the famous writer Mark Twain dreamed one day of his brother’s (Henry Twain) funeral, seeing him inside a coffin with a bouquet of white flowers. His brother passed away shortly after and his coffin and flowers were exactly the same as the ones in the dream. Coincidence or premonition? Here’s the thing,


As you have seen, relating a premonitory dream to a prediction of the future is very subjective and depends on many factors. However, depending on what your premonition is, we could interpret the dream in different ways:


It is very common to dream of disastrous acts, invasions, wars and catastrophes of all kinds. To interpret it, we must look at the circumstances of the dream and they could mean that we must be careful in that situation that we have dreamed of (driving for example) or they can reflect the fear that makes us carry out said action.


It is the second most common precognitive dream and its interpretation is very difficult. It can be a warning for us to take care of and be more attentive to that person whose death we dream of, or it can indicate the end of the relationship with that person because “he is already dead” for you, and even mean that a stage of our life is over in the case that death is our own.

If you have noticed, the most normal thing is that premonitions are always dreams with negative connotations, while positive premonitions are much less common and more desired by everyone.

For some these dreams are one more anecdote of life, while for others they have meant a before and after in theirs. And for you, what do premonitory dreams mean?

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