Rainbow Dream Meaning

Rainbow Dream Meaning: The rainbow iris has traditionally been a symbol of peace, love , blessings arrived from the sky , so it is good advertisement of health and prosperity for adults and the elderly.

One of the many old legends regarding the rainbow says that where the bow touches the earth is happiness, the fountain of youth and great treasures with an abundance of gold .

All of this is often reproduced as a symbol in dreams.

For many peoples since ancient times the rainbow has been a symbol of peace and alliance between heaven and earth.

Rainbow Dream Meaning: Dreaming of a rainbow with its colors is an announcement of future happiness, generally a consequence of successes in what is being handled.

This dream, among lovers, traditionally heralds a possible upcoming wedding.

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Sentences with the phrase “rainbow dreams”

The next morning he woke up and after rainbow dreams he found himself in a steamy stuffiness, everything smelled of soapy foam and dirty linen, shook from the rattling and grinding of hard everyday life.
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