Referee Meaning

Referee Meaning: Dreaming of an arbitrator indicates the possibility of encountering lawsuits in the future that should be avoided if it is at the hand of the dreamer.

This dream can indicate that we will be victims of injustices and false accusations that will affect our prestige, and will turn the people who trusted us against us.

If in the dream we see ourselves as referees in a sporting match, it is a sign that soon we will see ourselves acting as mediators in a discussion between friends , which will surely end up affecting us emotionally.

To dream that we argue with a referee indicates that sometimes we feel dissatisfied with the criteria of some superiors, but we must be careful when expressing our disagreement.

Referee Meaning: Dreaming of a soccer referee implies a lack of creativity and practicality when carrying out certain tasks.

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Dreaming About Police Arresting Me:

Arrests in dreams usually herald unpleasant news, they also represent our fear of being reprimanded for our inappropriate behavior. D

When we witness an arrest, it is a sign that we should seek peace with someone to whom we did something wrong, and it will be good to seek their forgiveness. Dreaming About Police Arresting Me

Dreaming that we are arrested can be a sign that we will receive some reproaches that will cause us shame and humiliation for our bad behavior. This dream can also reveal our nonconformity for not being valued as we think we deserve it by our family members or our partner. D

To dream that we arrest someone innocent indicates that we are letting some feelings of envy and jealousy take over us, which will lead us to make wrong decisions. Dreaming About Police Arresting Me

If we are arrested by our enemies, it suggests that our aspirations are somewhat mediocre, and it is necessary to look within ourselves for a motivation that leads us to have greater ambitions.

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