Scratch Dream Meaning

Scratch Dream Meaning: If the scratch is made by a cat , it is an announcement of diseases and afflictions for those who dream of receiving them. If the scratches come from a woman, persistence is advised and gifts are predicted to the recipient. If these are produced by a child, they presage that if the dreamer is a man and does not commit himself, he will have many dislikes with women.

The dreams in which we are the ones who scratch someone else are an invitation to avoid falling into provocations that sooner or later will cause us inconvenience. It is necessary to avoid being carried away by impulses.

Dreaming that we are scratched by a bird of prey suggests that our interests may be at risk due to the change in mood of the people around us.

Dreams in which we receive a scratch from a wolf or other wild animal indicate that we feel disgusted with the abuse of power that we are victims of on some occasions by our superiors. This dream can be recurrent when in real life we ​​are forced to give help to people who, in our opinion, do not deserve it.

Scratch Dream Meaning: To dream that we are attacked by someone unknown and we receive scratches on the face is a bad omen, as it is a sign that the attacks of our enemies against us will be successful. It is necessary to stay alert to avoid being too harmed.

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