Spiritual meaning of getting married in a dream

Dreaming of getting married and not knowing who symbolizes life in general. It is usually a beautiful dream, full of happiness, but not knowing who we are marrying leaves us full of uncertainty.

This type of dream also represents our future, our relationship, the unconscious, projects and protection.

Dream of getting married and not knowing with whom

Getting married and not knowing who indicates that we are not convinced of our relationship. If we marry someone we don’t know who he is, but we feel happy, it means that we have a need for protection. Arriving at a wedding and suddenly marrying someone we don’t know shows that we are focused on problems and not looking for a solution. Maybe we need to listen to someone’s advice to know how to solve them.

If we marry someone we don’t know and suddenly we realize that he is a famous person, it is a good omen, since it shows a lot of tranquility and love in our life. Being very much enjoying the fact that we are getting married to someone we don’t know shows that our creativity and good disposition towards things will lead us to have a bright and happy future.

If someone tries to convince us to marry someone unknown, it portends that we must leave behind the bad experiences of the past. It’s time to start looking for new adventures and enjoy life again. Seeing that we are getting married, but we don’t know who the couple is, and we run away from the wedding, suggests that it is best to face and solve problems, to stop feeling overwhelmed.

If we feel afraid

When we get married and we don’t know with whom, and we feel afraid, it represents the emotional barriers we have. It may be that we are trying to overcome a difficult situation that we had to go through.

listen to wedding vows

Getting married to a stranger, and hearing the wedding vows in the dream, indicates that life has not been easy for us. Don’t worry, the changes are coming soon, this can be at the couple or personal level.

Dreaming of getting married and not knowing with whom, and you see yourself dancing

Being married to a stranger and dancing at the wedding indicates that we will spend beautiful and happy times as a couple. This dream also predicts that soon life will improve and things will turn out as we dreamed.

If we do it secretly

If we get married secretly and we don’t know with whom, it represents our fears and the need we feel for someone to protect us and love us.

When it comes to a civil wedding

Getting married in a civil wedding and not knowing with whom, indicates that we are wasting valuable time on things from the past, instead of enjoying ourselves and setting goals for the future. If we are enjoying the civil wedding despite not knowing the person we are not marrying, it predicts that we will soon feel safe and full of happiness.

Bachelor party before marriage with stranger

Celebrating our bachelor party before marrying someone we don’t know shows that we will finally find what we are passionate about in life. Also this dream means that there are great secrets in our life, and that takes away our peace.

Dreaming of getting married, not knowing with whom and seeing yourself in a white dress

If we are marrying a stranger and we are wearing a white dress, it is a good omen, as it announces that we will find true love. Also this dream means that we will overcome problems and we will be able to get ahead.

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