Stabbing Dream Meaning

Stabbing Dream Meaning ; Stabbing is the action to hurt something or someone with the help of a knife or some sort of weapon white. A single accurate stab could damage someone’s life and even end it. Dreaming of a dagger or in general with any type of knife predicts the proximity of complicated situations for the dreamer’s life. However, the action of stabbing could have some positive connotations in the interpretation of dreams.

When we try to stab someone, even if this person is unknown, it implies that despite problems and adversities we will be able to defeat our enemies . Being able to stab someone represents the state of anger and aggressiveness with which we live in conscious life, we are in time to control these attitudes, otherwise we could cause great tragedies . In case we fail to stab someone because we drop the gun or lose it, it indicates that we are still too immature to resolve our conflicts.

Stabbing Dream Meaning ; To dream that someone stabs us, indicates a period of worry, arguments or ruptures of people very close to us. Seeing ourselves injured by a knife or a knife suggests patience and tolerance to face difficulties that will arise in our family . If during the dream we manage to see the person who stabs us, it may indicate that in conscious life we ​​are surrounded by hypocritical people. When in a dream we manage to avoid being stabbed, either by luck or because we defend ourselves, it implies that thanks to our maturity we will be able to solve our own problems of any kind.

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