Starch Dream Meaning

Dreaming of starch or starchy clothes is usually a warning against a possible deception .

These types of dreams depend a lot on the dreamer’s own context, starch, for example, used to be used (and is still used) in homes and in the manufacture and washing of garments to give some rigidity and appearance to some garments, In dreams and for a dreamer who relates it in this way, the symbolism of starch is to want to give a certain appearance or aesthetic to something that is not, that is, to change its real characteristics or hide them by starching them or simply, in this particular case , to give rigidity to something that naturally is not. On certain occasions it indicates trust that has been misplaced.

To dream that something is starched but that the result is not the desired one is usually a sign of illness or jealousy that will cloud the tranquility and peace of mind of the dreamer. On the contrary, if when starching in the dream, satisfactory results are obtained, the meaning is of comforts at home and order in life and business .

In this dream, it is important to be clear about whether it is starch or flour that you dream since the symbolisms and meanings are usually different.

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