Stroke Dreams

Stroke Dreams: The dreams in which the stroke is the protagonist are usually indicators of restlessness and disputes caused in some way by the dreamer himself.

I suffer attack of apoplexy announcement is the fear of losing our property, but we run a serious risk.

Stroke is the almost complete suspension of brain functions due to hemorrhage or blockage of an artery in the brain . For this reason, their meanings will be related to those of the brain.

Dreams where we see that our brain has a problem may suggest that our health is not the best, so it is necessary to avoid outbursts of anger and go to the doctor to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Because it is the body in charge of generating movements and ideas, it symbolizes our ability to reason and act.

A stroke in dreams suggests the need to think very well before making any financial decision , as a mistake could cause us great losses.

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