What does it mean to dream of underground places?

Underground in a dream can refer to the underground subway, but also to an underground shelter, parking lot, or anything that has to do with being below the surface. dream meaning underground tunnel

The same can refer to underground housing. Most of the time, any underground symbol refers to hidden feelings or emotions, but also to hidden actions that can lead you to no good.

In your dream you can have dream meaning underground tunnel

  • You see an underground subway.
  • An underground dwelling.
  • An underground car park.
  • You are underground.
  • An underground emergency shelter.
  • You hide underground.
  • You come out of hiding and head into the light.
  • An underground tunnel. dream meaning underground tunnel

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Your dream ended on a positive note.
  • Your experience was somehow good and satisfactory.
  • You welcome positive changes.

The detailed interpretation of dream

Dreaming of the underground predicts fear and possible death. If you dream of getting out of the underground and into the sunlight, it means that after many difficulties, your situation will improve considerably. However, if you do not come out of your underground abode, this portends failure and death.

In the dream world, the underground represents the direct influence of the unconscious in your life. Seeing yourself driving the underground subway means that you are actually pursuing your interests and this will bring about developments in your life. However, these developments will come more from your unconscious than from your conscious plans.

If in your dream you are in an underground tunnel, this is another reference to your unconscious, but it mainly symbolizes a situation where you are exposed to emergencies, but will somehow manage to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Coming out of the tunnel in your dream portends your rise from difficulties. dream meaning underground tunnel

Seeing an underground dwelling or being yourself in one suggests that whatever you have recently planned will pay off. The same dream can be the harbinger of problems of an emotional and psychological nature. You may experience loss, misfortune, and worry in your waking life. If you find yourself stuck between two subway stations, as it is a scary situation, it mainly refers to your moral dilemmas which can be quite scary for you, and it suggests that you should be more circumspect and patient in dealing with difficult situations. .

The feelings you may have encountered during a subway dream dream meaning underground tunnel

Surprised. Discontent. Unsafe. Curious. Upset. Afraid. Concerned. really scared. Anxious. dream meaning underground tunnel

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