What do dreams about swimming pools mean?

Dream of a pool

Generally the pools in dreams will always represent freedom, energy, joy, party, spirituality. It symbolizes laughter, heat, holidays. Dreams with crystal clear pools reveal being someone with deep, strong feelings, being focused, always making the best decisions. It is also very important to recognize the state of the pool in order to determine the meaning of the dream.

What does it mean to dream of a swimming pool?

Dreaming of a pool indicates distrust of the environment you have, some actions and attitudes of certain people around you that do not please you, you do not feel comfortable with them, you are not understood. You must learn to adapt to different circumstances, do not allow them to affect you or wear you out mentally and spiritually.

Dreaming of a pool at home, expresses obtaining what you want in a short time, a new path, full of blessings and triumphs, a job with great economic benefits.

What is the meaning of dreaming about a pool?

Dreaming of a pool is connected to the existing mood of the individual, the perspective you have on your existence and where you want to direct your life, what you can get, the feelings you have and attitudes you must have to face any situation.

Dreaming of a public swimming pool, indicates wanting to spend pleasant pleasures with loved ones, the fear of losing them if you do not share enough with them, by spending more time on other activities.

Fantasizing about seeing yourself standing in a pool, he says he has to heal those wounds from the past, don’t keep thinking about that couple who is not with you.

Dreaming of a pool where you are having fun with friends or family, represents being going through the best moments in your existence, consider taking advantage of that situation without wasting it.

Dreaming of pools full of people , symbolizes the terrible selections that you have had in life. It indicates being in time to create a path to full happiness, stay focused on what is really important.

What does it mean to dream of a pool with clean water?

Dreaming of a pool of clean water, symbolizes a time of empowerment with yourself, managing to overcome the fears that have tormented you so much. You will achieve all your plans very soon, you have clarity and certainty in obtaining great things for yourself, benefiting those who are with you.

Dreaming of a pool of dirty or rotten water , symbolizes that you will have bad times, a bad streak, nothing will go well, the dirtier the greater the inconveniences presented. It indicates that you are not comfortable with the connection you have with your family.

The dreams in which you are swimming in the pool indicate having to take a break to think about what you have been doing. Likewise, you live a sensational moment, full of joys and satisfaction.

If you are swimming in the deep area of ​​the pool, it reveals that you have too many emotions, not being able to get rid of them.

Fantasizing about swimming in the shallow end of the pool indicates that you can solve any situation presented, being sure of all your skills and abilities.

dream where you are swimming with another person personifies the great connection that exists with that individual, becoming that transcendental being for you.

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Dreaming of drowning in a pool is associated with possible infidelities, betrayals of loved ones, without knowing how to handle them, face them, bringing you great concern and disappointment.

Likewise, it tells you to feel pressured by certain circumstances or individuals that are affecting the free development of your existence. It indicates freeing yourself, the search for the best for you, getting the ideal path to be able to live accordingly, getting what you deserve.

The dreams crammed with pools of water indicates you have excellent links with all those who are close to you.

What is the meaning of dreaming of an empty pool?

Dreaming of an empty pool represents the enormous difficulties to get ahead, the power to emerge successfully, if it persists you will be able to solve that situation. Likewise, it indicates having to correctly analyze the investments to be made. It symbolizes not assuming good relations with the couple, possibly that union is ending that is not taking you anywhere .

Dreaming of a pool full of garbage, symbolizes a bad life, excesses periodically affect your health, disturbing your loved ones about the bad steps you have been taking.

Dreaming of an Olympic pool indicates a great challenge to take on, you must face it with determination if you want to overcome it. Accept what life offers you, do not be afraid to take risks and face what is presented on a daily basis.

The dream of a children‘s pool indicates having to give yourself new opportunities, without being what you were expecting, however, you should take advantage of it in the best way.

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