Dream of Porcelain and Porcelain doll Interpretation

When one dreams of finding china, this indicates a situation that must be handled delicately.

Seeing the china in Grandma’s house is representative of her desire to reconnect with her childhood. Grandma always told you to be aware of the breakable things in her house, but she always made you feel moody and mysterious.

In most activities of life, the dreamer may suffer from associating with aggressive people. The porcelain teapot in a dream is a representation of the power and control one has over the other. Such people have a natural ability to create conflict in waking life. porc

Porcelain is a symbolization of the dream trying to keep a situation at bay. There may be problems in the family and a possible abrupt change. Particularly if the porcelain was broken in some way. Seeing a porcelain doll is associated with being emotionally fearless. One may experience health problems, perhaps associated with stress.

When one dreams of owning a personal collection of trinkets, this is representative of being highly possessive of things or people.

When one finds a collection of porcelain tools in the storeroom, this represents exciting traits within the dreamer that are well hidden and also represents the dreamer coming out of this proverbial cupboard making it possible for them to fully express themselves to their friends and family

To see a porcelain tea cup in one’s dream, denotes that he is putting the object of his affections on a pedestal. He may be bitterly disappointed and embarrassed if the relationship fails. There is also an illusion if you break any china in your dream.

At best you can expect sudden and precipitous mood swings if you are eating from a china plate in a dream.

porcelain doll dream meaning

In this dream you can have

  • I have seen porcelain dolls.
  • I found china at grandma’s house.
  • They had china trinkets.
  • I found a collection of porcelain tools.
  • Broken porcelain.
  • Eaten from a porcelain plate.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Trinkets that are owned are easily found.
  • The trip to grandma was nice.
  • You dreamed of nice porcelain dolls.
  • You dreamed of porcelain and felt optimistic.

The detailed meaning of sleep

When one dreams of porcelain dolls mercilessly staring at them in their sleep, this is representative of a fear of those who are not honest or genuine as well as a fear of that which has no soul. Many fear dolls for this very reason, they look and sometimes even sound like people, but they don’t move and there is a distinct lack of soul in these objects.

When the dreamer sees a collection of porcelain dolls or dreams of crushing a collection, this is representative of the dreamer’s ability to overcome these aspects of life and crush adversity from the dreamer’s enemies.

When one dreams of falling into a pile of broken china and being horribly injured, this is representative of the dreamer’s innocent or brittle mindset in relation to the people they love who do not treat them well. When indestructible china is dreamed of, this is representative of a spirit that is there for the dreamer in times of frustration.

When one dreams of falling into a porcelain bath, the dream is of failing in life.

Think of the people who matter, when one dreams of clogging up a porcelain toilet this represents the dreamer being creatively stunted at the time of the dream. Simply dreaming of porcelain means that there are many opportunities in the dreamer’s life that should not be ignored.

This dream is associated with the following scenarios in your life

  • Fear to fail.
  • The need to be careful or gentle in difficult situations.
  • End of a relationship.
  • Remember the past.

Feelings you may have encountered during a Porcelain dream

Fear. Lust. Contemplation. Fragility. Meekness. Meekness. Comfort. Happiness. Happiness. Focus forward. intentions.

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